What to look for when shopping for new shoes? Advice from your Podiatrist- Greensborough

Purchasing shoes can often be a tricky task. Our Podiatry Team are here to help you!
Usually you walk into a shoe store, you look around and you think to yourself – “Where do I even begin?” To help you answer this question, we have a simple guide of 5 aspects of a runner that should look for/consider when buying a new pair.

  1. Toe box
  • Enough room so that your toes aren’t squished together
  • Make sure you have half to a full thumb’s width of space in the front of the shoe
  1. Eyelets
  • Ensure there is a secondary eyelet so that lacing adjustments can be made if necessary
  1. Heel counter
  • Firm around the back so that your heel is supported
  • This will stop your heel moving up and down
  1. Support
  • Foam should be harder on the inside of the shoe underneath the arch of your foot
  1. Width
  • Check that your foot is sitting within the base of the shoe
  • Make sure that upper is not pressing on any parts of your foot

Shoe features our podiatrists look for

Podiatrist secret tips:

  1. Using the sock liner to assess width & length:
  • Pull out the sock liner (insole) of the shoe and stand on it
  • Are your toes hanging over the front? Is your foot falling off the sides?
  • If this is the case, your shoe is either too small and/or too narrow for you!
  1. Purchasing shoes in the afternoon:
  • Your feet tend swell by the end of the day
  • Therefore, it’s best to purchase in the afternoon to get the ‘best/most true’ fit for your foot

We hope this guide helps to make your life easier when purchasing a new pair of runners. So, now that you are well-equipped with all the information and secret tips, go out and shop with confidence!

Written by Dion Vallianos, Podiatrist and Footwear Guru at the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic