How many single-leg heel raises can you do?

Single-leg heel raises is one of the most common exercises we prescribe as it helps to build up strength through the foot, ankle and calf. The table below shows the norms based on your age and gender:

AGE MALE (reps) FEMALE (reps)
20-29 years 37 30
30-39 years 32 27
40-49 years 28 24
50-59 years 23 21
60-69 years 19 19
70-79 years 14 16
80-89 years 10 13


Are you able to do as many single-leg heel raises as you should? If not, weakness in this area may contribute to pain in the foot, ankle and/or lower leg. Check out the video below of our podiatrist Luke doing some single-leg heel raises:

The key aspects to focus on when doing single-leg heel raises:

  • Make sure you’re pushing through your first and second toes and not rolling out onto the side of your foot
  • Keep it slow and controlled. Focus on raising up for 3 seconds, holding for 2 seconds and back down for 3 seconds

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