Realities of Stress Reactions – Podiatrist Greensborough

As many of you footy fans have heard in the news recently, in particular Melbourne Demons supporters, your co-captain Jack Viney is out of action again with another foot injury. This time around he has stress reaction in his big toe. You’re probably sitting there wondering what that even means and praying that he’s back in time for finals (that’s … Read More

Childrens’ sore toenails: How to fix sore toenails

Why are my kids’ nails sore? Keep hearing how sore your childrens toenails are? Tired of trying to self-treat them at home just for them to reoccur? We hear you! Kids nails are often sore due to poor cutting techniques, picking at their nails, inappropriate footwear, trauma and sometimes it is just our genetics. Regardless of the cause sore toe … Read More

Dancing Feet!

It’s show time! Dancing classes have started for most dance schools across Melbourne for 2018. Some schools may even have events or competitions nearing for the first term. That break over the summer months may have you or your child excited for the year ahead! However, with any sport there is always the potential for injuries to occur, and dancing … Read More

Lower Limb Cycling Pain

Cycling pain   Cycling is a great activity for all which is a lot easier on the body than many other sports. Often cycling will be used by many of us in the health field as a method of rehab , or as a way to keep active whilst minimally stressing the body.   However cycling can still cause pain. … Read More

Shockwave: A guide for patients

A Guide to shockwave for patients   What is shockwave ?   Extracorporeal shockwave therapy or shockwave for short is a new treatment option for patients suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal issues. The shockwaves are abrupt, high amplitude pulses of mechanical energy, similar to sound waves produced by a specialized machine and delivered by a trained practitioner.   How … Read More

Osteoarthritis: What it is and how we can help

Pathophysiology Osteoarthritis (OA) is characterised by the breakdown of cartilage and underlying bone within the joint. Other structures also are affected by OA, with inflammation of the synovium and narrowing of the joint space commonly seen. The ligaments surrounding the joint may also be effected becoming thickened and fibrotic. Although there is not one distinct causal factor for OA it … Read More

Ski Boots – how to avoid issues with your boots this winter

It’s around that time of year when snow has been falling on the Australian alps and you may be thinking about dragging your ski boots from out the cupboard and heading up to the slopes for some well-earned leisure time. Unfortunately ski boots can be there own special torture devices. However there are some very simple steps you can follow … Read More

Tips on Why Corn Removal Should be Done by a Podiatrist

People usually take their feet for granted until they hurt. Corn removal could be a good way to reduce pain. It may also be an ingrown toenail due to clipping them the wrong way, or it could be a thick callus, dry heels that are cracking, or a corn has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. When a foot does decide … Read More

Stress Fracture Foot Treatment and Recovery Time

A stress fracture of the foot is an injury often seen in people who take part in high impact sports. A stress fracture is a hair line/very fine fracture, rather than a complete break. While it may only be small, it can be intensely painful. If a stress fracture in the foot is not treated, it may resolve on its … Read More

How To Tell If You Have Tendonitis of The Foot

It’s easy to take our bodies for granted. Most people expect aches and pains and there’s nothing unusual about that. When a strange pain starts to develop in the ankle and foot it’s time to get help. The human body is incredibly complex so it can be a little difficult to diagnose the specific problem. When it comes to certain … Read More

How to Properly Identify and Treat a Heel Spur

People who often experience pain in their feet or ankles find that they are dealing with a spur. There are many kinds of spurs, including bone spurs, generally, and heel spurs, in particular. This article will begin by addressing exactly What is a bone spur? From there, the article will focus on the answers of podiatrists in Melbourne, Australia who … Read More

Dry Needling for Foot Pain in Greensborough

At the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic in Greensborough we offer Dry Needling as a form of treatment for muscle injuries and painful symptoms, we often get asked the following: What is Dry Needling? Musculoskeletal injuries can be treated with the use of dry needling. Injury to the muscles through an acute event, overuse of a muscle or through poor foot … Read More

Cam Boots and Cam Walkers Greensborough

Cam Walkers/Boots are used by our Podiatrists at the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic, Greensborough for a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Helping patients from the Greensborough area and around Melbourne recover faster from injuries. The ‘CAM’ in Cam Walker/Boot stands for ‘Controlled Ankle Movement’. Wearing a Cam Walker/Boot will limit movement and pressure around the affected foot and ankle when … Read More

In-toeing and Knock knees in Toddlers

At the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle in Greensborough a common question and concern of new parents and parents alike is whether their childs development is ‘normal’. One thing to remember is that Children develop and reach their milestones at different times and in some cases their walking can appear unusual. This is completely normal and in most cases no … Read More

Welcome to the DVFAC Blog!

Welcome to the FIRST blog of Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic!   DVFAC now has a new BLOG…. right here! where we will regularly post updates on relevant and interesting topics aimed for an audience of: – Those with foot/ankle injuries – Athletes interested in bettering their performance and reducing risk of injury – Podiatry students wanting to learn more about … Read More