Medicare Rebates: Can I Get A Medicare Rebate For Podiatry?

Medicare Rebates Explained Podiatrists are your foot and ankle specialists. A Podiatrist studies at University for 4 years to be able to specialise in the foot and ankle. Common conditions include plantar heel pain, ingrown toenails, Diabetes, bunions, issues relating to children’s feet, orthotic requirements etc. For some of these conditions, a Medicare rebate may be available to you. Understanding … Read More

Dry Needling

Are your lower leg and foot muscles tight? Do you get sore and aching muscles after sport? Dry needling may be able to help you! What is dry needling? Dry needling is a treatment used to reduce pain and restore function by releasing myofascial trigger points in the muscles (tight spots or knots). The treatment involves inserting a sterile, single-use … Read More

Is your Achilles tendon sore? Read on to find out more…

Are you getting pain in the back of your heel? Is it painful getting out of bed in the morning? Does it get better as you start to walk or run? These are common symptoms of Achilles tendon pain we see at the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic. We’ll provide you with some information about this condition and how … Read More

Is your child’s heel sore? We may have the answer for you!

Is your child complaining of heel pain? Does the pain occur during or after activity? We may have the answer for you. Your child may have calcaneal apophysitis causing the discomfort in their heel. Before you do a quick Google search (or still trying to work out how to pronounce it), we’ll provide you with some information about this condition … Read More

Dry, cracked heels? We can help you!

Dry, cracked heels can be embarrassing for some people and can often cause pain while walking. We often see people in the clinic this time of the year wanting solutions before going away or coming back from their overseas Summer holiday. There are a number of factors that cause dry, cracked heels and there are so many ways we can … Read More

How many single-leg heel raises can you do?

Single-leg heel raises is one of the most common exercises we prescribe as it helps to build up strength through the foot, ankle and calf. The table below shows the norms based on your age and gender: AGE MALE (reps) FEMALE (reps) 20-29 years 37 30 30-39 years 32 27 40-49 years 28 24 50-59 years 23 21 60-69 years … Read More

Pain in your ankle that isn’t going away? We may have the answer for you!

Getting a sharp pain in your ankle? Does your ankle click from time to time? This may be caused by an ankle impingement. Before you panic, we’ll provide you with some information about this condition and how we can help get you back to what you love doing pain-free! What is an ankle impingement? An ankle impingement develops when there … Read More

Pain on the outside of your foot? Read on to find out what it could be!

Ever heard of cuboid syndrome? *No*. We thought so… You’re probably thinking what a cuboid even is? Does cuboid syndrome hurt? Now, before you go and consult with Dr. Google, we’ll provide you with some information about this condition and how we can help get you back to what you love doing pain-free! What is cuboid syndrome? The cuboid is … Read More

Metatarsal Stress Fracture Frustration?

With the AFL season under way it brings back some memories of last years AFL Foot Injuries! Many of those were metatarsal stress fractures! What is that you ask, have a read of our informative blog below by Podiatrist Dion Vallianos to help answer some of the questions you may have regarding Metatarsal Stress Fractures and how your Podiatrist can … Read More

Podiatry Hospital Visits & Home Visits

Here at the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic we are able to provide in home care. In home care can extend not only to a home but to any place of residence including nursing home facilities and hospitals. We are close to the Austin Hospital and are usually able to provide hospital podiatry visits within 24 hours of a request. … Read More

Supportive Slippers to keep your feet comfortable

Love wearing slippers at home but hate being told they’re not good for your feet? Not only that, they may also be a falls hazard for you as often they’re not supportive, worn out and/or ill-fitting. Archline slippers may be the perfect solution for you as they have many benefits for your feet. The reason why we recommend them is … Read More

There’s something on my foot………Callus or Corn?

There’s something on your foot but you’re not too sure what. It may be hard or might be causing pain. Everyone is telling you it’s something different and you’re unsure of what to do? Have no fear, your friendly podiatrist is here! These are questions asked to us on a daily basis, do I have callus or a corn on … Read More

Archies Thongs are here to save your feet this summer

We often get asked in the clinic, what are the best options to wear coming into Summer? We know that many don’t like the look of sandals and love wearing thongs. Thongs aren’t great for your feet and can be one of the reasons why your feet get sore but never fear we have a solution… Archies!   The reason … Read More

Realities of Stress Reactions – Podiatrist Greensborough

As many of you footy fans have heard in the news recently, in particular Melbourne Demons supporters, your co-captain Jack Viney is out of action again with another foot injury. This time around he has stress reaction in his big toe. You’re probably sitting there wondering what that even means and praying that he’s back in time for finals (that’s … Read More

Childrens’ sore toenails: How to fix sore toenails

Why are my kids’ nails sore? Keep hearing how sore your childrens toenails are? Tired of trying to self-treat them at home just for them to reoccur? We hear you! Kids nails are often sore due to poor cutting techniques, picking at their nails, inappropriate footwear, trauma and sometimes it is just our genetics. Regardless of the cause sore toe … Read More

Dancing Feet!

It’s show time! Dancing classes have started for most dance schools across Melbourne for 2018. Some schools may even have events or competitions nearing for the first term. That break over the summer months may have you or your child excited for the year ahead! However, with any sport there is always the potential for injuries to occur, and dancing … Read More

Lower Limb Cycling Pain

Cycling pain   Cycling is a great activity for all which is a lot easier on the body than many other sports. Often cycling will be used by many of us in the health field as a method of rehab , or as a way to keep active whilst minimally stressing the body.   However cycling can still cause pain. … Read More