Archies Thongs are here to save your feet this summer

We often get asked in the clinic, what are the best options to wear coming into Summer? We know that many don’t like the look of sandals and love wearing thongs. Thongs aren’t great for your feet and can be one of the reasons why your feet get sore but never fear we have a solution… Archies!


The reason why we love Archies at Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic is that they look like a regular thong, come in a variety of colours and help your feet feel much better during the warmer months of the year! The main benefits of Archies include:

  • In-built arch support which helps to reduce strain on your lower legs and feet
  • Higher heel section which helps to reduce load on your calf and achilles
  • Tighter strap so your feet don’t claw onto the thongs to stabilise you
  • One piece construction which means it’s less likely blowout! (we have all been there!)
  • Lightweight so it’s super comfy and great for travel

We now stock Archies at Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic in a variety of colours and sizes. So now that the weather is finally starting to warm-up, it’s a perfect time to come in and try our super comfortable Archies and feel the difference yourself!