Foot Surgery

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Surgical Excellence


As a patient of The Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic you benefit from a complete podiatry service which means not only do you have the choice of a comprehensive range of foot and ankle treatments, should you require foot surgery, some procedures can be performed right here in our podiatry clinic. For larger surgical procedures such as bunion correction, this can be discussed in detail with the podiatrist who can then provide a referral to a trusted surgeon.

Our qualified podiatrists are experienced in performing minor soft tissue surgical procedures under local anaesthetic to remove skin lesions, including warts and painful ingrown nails.


Nail Surgery

If you have an ingrown nail you’ll know the pain and inconvenience it can cause, particularly when routine treatment is unsuccessful. The Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic is able to offer the surgical removal of the problematic nail portion under local anaesthesia. Our experienced and professional podiatrist can discuss a surgical option with you, including duration and post-operative care. The treatment then involves application of a chemical that prevents regrowth of the nail.  Many of our patients/clients have experienced excellent results and it goes without saying much appreciated relief!

The Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic offers:

  • Nail surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Wart surgery

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