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Please Note: Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic is now ONLY at 31 Beewar St, Greensborough

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The Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic is located at 31 Beewar St, Greensborough – 9434 4422.

Nick Walters – Podiatrist

Nick decided to pursue a career in podiatry after he saw the positive benefits of podiatric care on his own foot health as a teenager. Recently Nick has returned from Japan where he was working with skiers and snowboarders and helping them enjoy their sport and holidays pain free.

Nick has a keen interest in orthotics and biomechanical modification especially for those people who are or want to get more active and is excited to work with people to get the most out of their devices.

Nick is also passionate about keeping up to date with emerging treatment modalities and new research as it comes out and is excited to use this knowledge to help clients with any foot health issues they have

Alice Gofron – Podiatrist

Alice is a fully qualified passionate podiatrist who works at the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic. With a background and passion for all styles of contemporary and modern dance, Alice’s interest for podiatry arose after personally experiencing the relation and importance between footcare and her love for dancing. This personal experience has further developed Alice’s interest in the treatment of acute and chronic sporting injuries as well as other biomechanical pathologies.

Alice’s passion for footwear and keeping up to date with specific brands and styles was developed while working at The Athletes Foot. Alice feels footwear education and prescription should be individualized specific to each patient, allowing for detailed avocation on the importance of appropriate styles and fit of footwear.

Alice also has a specific interest in pediatric cases, ensuring that all assessments, treatment options and education provided reflect the current evidence based research. Alice is continually developing her knowledge and treatment methods by finding new and stimulating ways to innervate her patients.

Kate Heslop and Alice - Podiatrists


Visit Nick, Kate and Alice at the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic

Kate Heslop – Podiatrist

Kate graduated from La Trobe University with a position on the Dean’s Honours List. Kate continues to be involved in the development of the podiatric profession as a Director on the Board of the Australian Podiatry Association (Victoria). Kate recognising the incredible importance of Podiatry in the Medical and Health Care allegiance. The recent innovations in podiatry are having impacts in all stages of life, from preventative and corrective measures in childhood and adolescence through to maintenance and better quality of life in mature adults.

Why choose us?

As a patient of The Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic not only do you benefit from extensive experience and professional qualifications, you will receive personalised treatment and individual care that takes into consideration your unique circumstances and lifestyle.

What’s more, the podiatrists at Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic are able to assess and treat children’s feet so you can be confident that the healthy growth and development of your children’s feet are as precious to us as they are to you.

Clinics location accessible to:

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